Takamine Onsen,”The Lamp Inn”

highlights An open-air bath above the clouds, 2,000 meters high. And the creamy white bath with lamp light is also amazing.
Telephone: 0267-25-2000

Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

highlights A hot spring nestled near Chikuma River. The slightly warm deep-water spring is drinkable.
Telephone: 0268-67-3434

Tengu Onsen Asama Sanso

highlights Legend has it a tengu goblin took a dip in this hot spring, turning it a light auburn color. A hub for Mount Asama hiking.
Telephone: 0267-22-0959

Hishino Onsen Yakushikan

highlights A hot spring that passes through a cave. The inn is 400 years old. The cold-water bath has been used for 800 years.
Telephone: 0267-22-0077

Nakadana Onsen Nakadanaso

highlights A long-standing hot spring inn serving guests since the Meiji era. Wintertime features baths bedecked with floating apples.
Telephone: 0267-22-1511

Komoro Grand Castle Hotel

highlights Situated in an area that was formerly within the Komoro Castle grounds, this hotel is close to Komoro Station.
Telephone: 0267-22-8000

Hishino Onsen Tokiwakan

highlights A mountain cable car takes guests up to the panoramic woodland open-air bath. Enjoy a swing in the nude spa area.
Telephone: 0267-22-0516

Takamine Kogen Hotel

highlights Located conveniently at a Mount Asama hiking path entrance, this scenic hot spring has an incredible view of a “cloud ocean” stretching out below.
Telephone: 0267-25-3000

Nunobiki Onsen Komoro

highlights An open-air bath with a panoramic view of the town of Komoro. The entire base of Mount Asama is visible from here.
Telephone: 0267-22-2288

Aguri no Yu “Komoro”

highlights Enjoy a large open-air bath and dining. From January through June, strawberry picking is also available.
Telephone: 0267-24-4126
(Hot spring facility without lodging.)